Mr. Townsend's mechanical engineering experience has been centered in the applications of thermal science and energy transport phenomena. During graduate study, the opportunity to work on projects for industry produced developments and results that were patented by the respective companies funding the research projects. Following graduate school, entry into the Nuclear Power Component allowed a continuation of working the state-of-the-art system designs and advanced project development on an international basis with German and French companies. The "Energy Crisis" and the emerging solar energy application technology caused a change in career direction with 'Energy Conservation' and efficient components and system designs now being the way of the future.

With both State and Federal monies available for clients, the recommended Energy Conservation Measures have produced an average 35% measurable reduction in energy consumption while obtaining an average of 30% of available monies for the various clients. The design of systems integrating efficient components in both new and remodeled facilities has been an ongoing and ever-changing challenge that is being adequately met with innovative and cost effective engineering applications. This was so judged by engineering peers who awarded Mr. Townsend with Engineer of the Year honors for his accomplishments.

The extent of commitment to preparing for a more efficient tomorrow has produced college level technology programs developed by Mr. Townsend for Cleveland State, Chattanooga State, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and TVA. The spectrum of design applications has likewise expanded to Medical Facilities and Industrial complexes and processes. With the increased scope of design and consulting services, Mr. Townsend has been chosen to serve on the TVA Energy Program Advisory Board and other professional committees. The unique design applications and corresponding cost reductions have been documented in articles by TSPE, CET and various institutional and medical facility operational reports

Ms. Thrasher began her design career upon completion of her Associate of Science Degree. The initial scope of design activities pertained to drafting support of engineering design. During this initial phase, Ms. Thrasher completed work on various institutional and commercial projects ranging from existing school additions, new churches and office facilities to strip shopping centers.

Ms. Thrasher has been elevated to the position of Vice President with added responsibilities over the Drafting Services personnel of Townsend Engineering. In this capacity Ms. Thrasher has successfully completed the design process in numerous large institutional projects including new elementary schools, privately owned nursing/long-term care facilities, and commercial projects ranging from an office development/renovation to a regional food store prototype.

Ms Thrasher has been involved in the design of many projects utilizing geothermal systems. Projects include schools, retrofits of base housing for military personnel, and prison support buildings.

Mr. Estes has served as a HVAC Contractor & design engineer for HVAC equipment manufacturer, a textile manufacturer, and an electric utility. His experience in these areas included designing & manufacturing unitary & rooftop A.C. Units, HVAC design in a textile plant, power plants, schools, churches, and commercial applications.

He also has experience in plant & project maintenance. He has also conducted energy studies and served on energy conservation task force for Monsanto Textiles. He has conducted energy conservation studies and designed energy conservation features for nuclear power plant HVAC Systems.

He has conducted Geothermal studies for sites thru 3,000 Tons. He has designed & built Geothermal Systems from 5 Tons thru 7 1/2 Tons. He has designed Geothermal Systems thru 300 Tons.